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The vast majority of craft microbrewers in the Czech Republic are small family operations, with between one to three persons responsible for all aspects of their business, including brewing, marketing and sales. As a result there is little to no professional business development – regional microbreweries do not have economies of scale to enter the Prague market, the wherewithal to consider export, the skill sets to execute quality marketing and the vast majority do not have cash reserves. Product innovation is an ad-hoc affair and technological investments, after the initial buildout, are on an as-needed basis.

Czech microbreweries, despite brewing fantastic beer need to:

  • Embrace technology
  • Anticipate growth but not over-expand
  • Maintain consistent quality
  • Experiment. Differentiate. Automate.
  • Improve tasting room strategies = Margins
  • Improve distributor relationships
  • Improve community and local marketing
  • Run their businesses more professionally

…. if they want to take their businesses “to the next level. Symfonie’s expert team:

  • Intimately understands the CEE brewing industry and market environment
  • works closely with microbrewery management – we know the microbreweries, their key managers and shareholders
  • understands their products, brands, production processes and marketability
  • can and will identify opportunities where we can add value through our involvement with the company – marketing, business management, production and most importantly, distribution and export
  • can ensure ttansparent ownership structure with investor protections
  • can deliver viable exit alternatives that have been identified, delivering at least a 2.5X multiple within 5 years
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