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Our Real Estate Fund is Cultivated

for Income and Growth

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Generate reasonable return

while having a social impact on SMEs

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Invest in innovative

fast growing companies.

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  • Revenue generating boutique property investments
  • Strong property and fund management team with 25 years experience
  • Excellent property pipeline throughout CEE



  • Funding opportunities for small businesses
  • Professional business value-added support and consultancy
  • Five years investment horizon, attractive returns



  • Diversified portfolio of innovative high growing companies
  • Invest in the managed fund or choose a specific project
  • Three to five year investment horizon



  • Earn steady returns investing in P2P loans
  • Diversified and professionally managed portfolio
  • Regular payments of principal and interest


SymVest – simple way to invest and raise capital

Personal dedication

We are a boutique firm owned and managed by the principals, so each client receives a high level of care and attention from the firm’s management team members.

Long term relations

Clients’ needs are not static. They develop and change over time and with lifestyle changes. Our success comes not from short term gains, but from meeting the challenges of the future.

Focus on your best interest

Our fee schedules are designed around a prudent, balanced combination of base service level and performance fees. We don’t profit from transaction volumes, brokerage fees or product commissions. We succeed by meeting your needs.

Fair treatment

We adhere to a code of conduct designed to balance and protect the interests of all clients, without regard to whether the client is large or small or what product or service the client receives.

Tailored solutions

Our work begins by understanding each client’s unique financial needs and circumstances. We develop a service plan that addresses those needs. We continually monitor the extent to which our plan remains appropriate.

Proven track record

We bring together a team of highly experienced investment professionals and seasoned business executives to serve best your interest. We have a track record of success, developed during the long span of our careers.

A network of knowledge

Over the span of their careers our principals have developed a wide network of contacts including business leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, economists and public policy makers. We make this resource available to our clients.

Access to innovative products

We provide our clients not only the traditional array of investment alternatives, but also a pallet of innovative investment products that offer the prospect of superior risk adjusted returns.


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Investing in Peer to Peer loans involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. The Investments presented in this website are suitable only for investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. For further information see our discussion of investment risks.